It’s January!

Oh January. It is so cold out I think water will freeze instantly.

Still, I love January. The first month of the year has a unique effect on people. Everyone seems full on inspiration to do what they could not do before: loose weight, stop smoking, travel.

It is January 15th, and if you already feel like you have failed at your resolutions, I am here to tell you be not discouraged! Sure I vowed to be more organized, and my Christmas tree is still in my living room, and the pile of papers is still on the floor of my office, but I’m not discouraged. I think even daring to put it out there that you are trying is something to be proud of as you look forward to the year ahead.

One buzz word I kept hearing as January approached was “minimalism.” There are pages and pages on Pinterest with tips for adopting this life philosophy. January is also the time to clean out and declutter (at least that is what my kids tell me as they roll their eyes at my office). I thought minimalism sounded “boring.” But after looking at some room and paint inspiration, I can appreciate the clean lines and spaces that only hold what is most valuable to us.

Thinking of decluttering and giving your home a facelift along the way? Give us a call. We would love to hear about your journey.  Happy New Year!

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