Make the Old feel New: Painted Cabinets

When was the last time you said, “They don’t make them like they used to!” A few weeks ago I was in a friend’s kitchen listening to her talk about her desire to remodel. We discussed paint colors, flooring, and potential new cabinets. The problem? These cabinets are solid wood, built decades ago by the builder who designed the house for himself. To say that they don’t make them like this anymore is an understatement.

My suggestion? Paint them out and put on new hardware! Manufacturers are continually innovating cabinet paint, and it is a cost effect way to makeover your space without dropping

Still, before you begin, know what you are getting into! A good paint job is mostly about preparing the surface.

FILL: Before you pick up a brush, be sure to fill all holes and damage spots. We often use MINWAX filler ( Be sure it is dry before you sand. It the surface is not quite right, you made need another round of filler.  It is also important to sand the entire surface.

SAND: Sanding is necessary to remove old finishes and previous paint so that your new paint does not peel. Remember to choose the correct grain.  Too coarse and you can cause lines in your surface; too fine and you will be overworking your elbows to get the surface smooth.

VACUUM: Never underestimate the power of dust to ruin a finish. Vacuum carefully between each sanding job.

PAINT COATS: Your paint may say one coat, but this is rarely the case. Be sure to give yourself the time for the first coat to fully dry incase you need a second. For difficult jobs, you may need to sand lightly in-between paint coats.

Good luck on your makeover project.

The feature photo was taken from Check out this page for the photos and information about the exact paint color used!


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