Interior Inspiration: Painted Ceilings

It is getting grey outside, isn’t it? Ontario had a beautiful fall; the trees in my neighborhood showcased fiery reds, bright oranges, and leaves so yellow they looked like gold. As a lover of color, it was easy for me to find inspiration all over in nature for home makeovers.  Think about that golden yellow on a statement wall for the kitchen or the bright orange in a dining room with the Thanksgiving table set.  However, a grey world outside means we might need to turn in for a little color inspiration.

I would guess that the majority of the ceilings in your dwelling are some version of white? Painted ceiling can provide a point of interest in rooms that would otherwise look small if the walls were broken up by color.  Painted ceiling also tend to warm rooms as they soften reflected sunlight.  Not ready to fully commit?  Try it out in a small space first like your mud room, half bath, or entryway.

This winter, as the world outside takes on its own white hues, maybe think about adding a little color to your inner world that you can see every time you look up!

For more examples, check out our Pinterest board:

The featured image on this post is taken from: The Blog Deco. If you like softer hues, I encourage you to check them out for even more inspiration at

Don’t want to spend hours looking up to pull this off yourself? Give us a call.


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